Isolation Tanks Provide Relaxation and Much More

If you want to be relaxed, feel sensational and be healthier overall, consider taking an experience inside an isolation tank. Floating in isolation has become quite popular for individuals who have sleep issues, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, asthma and for people who are going through rehabilitation.

People who are under constant stress can help safeguard their immune systems by simply floating. The deep relaxation that isolation tanks can provide assists with just about any physical problem you might have. Imagine that a single float session of one hour can actually provide for four hours of restorative sleep. This therapy also provides for detoxification that is similar to taking a 3 day fast. Detoxification and restorative sleep alone will aid in renewing your sense of well being allowing for a much healthier state. Simply put, the isolation tank is able to stimulate your body’s healing processes quickly and easily.

Individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop in individuals who have experienced something frightening or dangerous. This disorder is real and can be devastating. Individuals with PTSD can develop confusion, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, nightmares and in general an inability to function on a day to day basis. PTSD happens to be the third most common psychiatric problem for Veterans.

At this time, floatation is gaining in popularity as an alternative therapy to so called “conventional therapies”. Research continues on the health benefits of floating on addiction, depression, anxiety and even eating disorders. A study back in 2012 looked at anxiety and PTSD with one client and they found that hyper-vigilance was decreased. This patient expressed that floating gave him a sense of well being similar to his prescription medications and that he had improved quality of sleep and fewer nightmares. A number of veterans have reported that deep relaxation allows the nervous system to reset itself providing for different feelings to emerge and this can become permanent. They feel that floating is an empowering option. It is believed that the lack of external input allows the brain to confront harsh memories and/or images that had been suppressed previously. Somehow, the isolation tank provides a calm environment where nothing can harm them. This allows the individual to look at their traumatic events in a way of internal counseling with themselves.

In fact, some veterans have reported that having to see different medical specialists over and over again added to the original trauma. Some believe that floating is superior to traditional therapies such as prescription drugs and therapists. Both seem to blur the sense of reality and create more agitation and anxiety. Floating is just about you and quiet. You don’t have to say a word to a therapist and explain your situation. Everything is internal and self-perpetuated. And, no pills are required. A number of veterans have reported that they have been able to get completely off their medications or at the very least reduce dosages because of the tank. Some veterans see this as a new way to take care of themselves when coming off the battlefield. And, it is equally important for those still on active duty. This defines a wellness plan that they can depend on.

Pain Management and Floating in an Isolation Tank

As you know, pain can be debilitating. Long-term pain can make your day miserable and nights even worse. This creates an endless cycle of lack of sleep and stress. If left unchecked can lead to hopelessness and depression.

The isolation tank, otherwise known as a sensory deprivation tank, or simply floatation therapy, provides an alternative to pain management. Studies indicate that patients with chronic pain benefit greatly from isolation tank sessions whether your pain comes from accidents or chronic illness. Floatation was also found to be effective in patients with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia individuals often suffer not only from body pain but fatigue, lack of focus, depression and anxiety which can make pain worse. The idea behind using floatation is that the individual will be able to focus inward, eliminate any distractions and calm the body and mind. The Fibromyalgia Floatation Project (FFP) was established several decades ago to study the effects of floating and its benefits. These studies have produced some interesting results.

  • Stress relief – These studies looked at cortisol production, blood pressure and muscle activity as indicators of stress. They found that cortisol (stress hormone) production went down during sessions inside the isolation tank. They suggest that the regulatory mechanism for cortisol production may be reset over time. Lower blood pressure is maintained after floating with repeated sessions. This suggests that the floatation effect may be more than just an immediate reversible response.

  • Depression and anxiety are less intense – Deep relaxation reduces anxiety and depression especially when used with forms of counseling.

  • Improved quality of sleep – Floating inside an isolation tank alone improves the quality of sleep for fibromyalgia patients. Fibromyalgia individuals often suffer from restless leg syndrome which makes it difficult for them to sleep. Nevertheless, these patients sleep better and this decreases their fatigue symptoms.

  • Pain relief – This may be the most important health benefit for fibromyalgia. Reduction in muscle tension and pain in such a short period of time and without any effort on the patients part, provides for dramatic improvement in overall quality of life for these individuals. Individuals with fibromyalgia often give up hope for therapies that will work for them. They need to become aware that this therapy can help them manage pain. Certainly, this will provide for a better mental outlook and how they feel about themselves.

  • Muscle tension decreases – Individuals with fibromyalgia experience muscle stiffness and tightness which causes pain. Floating significantly decreases pain that can last for a considerable time. This helps to elevate mood and help the patient feel more optimistic about their treatment.

  • Magnesium deficiency corrected – Individuals with fibromyalgia may have a magnesium deficiency which can contribute to pain as well. Epsom salts in the water can be absorbed through the skin which can help with any deficiency without having to take supplements. This may be of importance to patients who have trouble taking pills or don’t want to take anything else.

Anyone who is experiencing any kind of stress or pain can benefit from use of an isolation tank. You’ll have an incredible experience that can bring you back to a state of complete wellness.


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